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We do what we do very well (even though we do say so ourselves)! But we don't have expertise in everything. Over the years, we've surrounded ourselves with "associates" who offer reliable, professional and ethical services.

If you're looking for certain services we don't offer, please look through our list of associates here, and contact them directly. They come with our highest recommendation.

Just so you know, we do have a business relationship with our associates, where we pay each other referral fees. That's not the main reason we recommend them (we do it because they really do offer excellent service), but you should know this anyway.

Rae Stanton, Accurate Expressions

Rae Stanton Rae has been supporting businesses for over 15 years in a number of areas including development of systems and procedures, marketing implementation, graphic design and web design.

Rae operates the First Step Help Desk, and does support work for First Step clients. So if you're looking for somebody to help you with your Web site, she is the first person we recommend.

She has been working with First Step clients for a number of years offering services ranging from website maintenance and template design through to full-blown website creation.

Her clients include speakers, small business owners, Thought Leaders, training companies and business mentors. Some have said "Rae offers creative marketing solutions", "You must have a magic keyboard!" and "As usual, your first go at these and being able to match what is in our heads is fantastic and much appreciated."

Contact:, phone 02 6685 3406, e-mail

Ed Keay-Smith, AdWords Marketing

Picture 4 Ed is an on-line marketing genius (He's too modest to say that himself, but it's true!) Through his consultancy, AdWords Marketing, Ed assists individuals and businesses to increase web traffic and convert that traffic into customers / clients.

If you'd like to get more traffic - and better quality traffic - to your Web site, Ed is your man! Ed is recognised in the on-line marketing field as an Australian leader in "Pay-Per-Click" advertising, such as Google AdWords.

Ed has attended the top training seminars in Australia and U.S.A. and is the key presenter at The Internet Marketing Seminar.

Brooke Alexander, Kre8

Kre8 offers clients 3 core areas of service: Brand Strategy & Development, Graphic Design and Book Publishing.

Brooke Alexander our founder and managing director is recognised as an expert in branding. She works with people and businesses to define, develop and deliver their own extraordinary brand! Enhancing their everday lives to achieve greater business and personal success.

Through hundreds of hours designing, developing and implementing brand strategies for her clients, Brooke has a developed a commercially strong understanding of the nature of Brand Management and Strategic Design. She intuitively enables her clients to take the necessary steps to create their own extraordinary brands.

Her clients include Corporations, SME's, Speakers, Authors, CEO's, Business Leaders and Thought Leaders. Brooke regularly appears on television, radio and in the print media.

Kre8's services include: Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Brand Workshops, Brand Identity, Brand Creation, Logo Design, Print Design, Corporate Design and Publishing, Book Design, Book Editing, Book Publishing

Contact: Brooke Alexander, Kre8 Brand & Design, PO Box 826, Double Bay NSW 1360, Phone:02 9332 1122 E-mail

Graeme Olsen, South West eCommerce

South West eCommerce can help you with your Internet marketing needs.

We live and work in the south west of WA, so we understand the issues related to running a business in a regional area. But thanks to the Internet we are also able to help people all over the world.

We see the Internet as being a valuable tool which, when used properly, can allow us to spend more time out of the office and on the beach.

Services: Search Engine Advertising (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation, Website Photography, Logo Design, Basic Printing Services

Contact:, Email:

First Step Communications Pty Ltd
8 Windich Place, Leederville WA 6007, Australia
Help Desk / Support:
    Phone 02 8006 2481 within Australia, +61 2 8006 2481 from outside Australia
    Phone 02 8005 5746 within Australia, +61 2 8005 5746 from outside Australia

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