There's an Expert Born Every Minute

If you've been in this business for a while, you'll notice an increasing trend for clients to buy experts, not speakers, trainers or coaches. In other words, they buy your expertise, not your skills in presenting that expertise.

A few years ago, it didn't take much knowledge to be an expert in a particular field. However, that has changed now, and being recognised - and paid - as a leading expert is no longer as easy. This is partly due to the rapid rate of change in our world, and partly due to greater competition.

You're not an expert - so what?

If you're not seen as a recognised expert, you will probably find it increasingly difficult to get business (If you're not finding this already!) You will also find it harder to justify your fees.

This means that you'll spend more time working on getting the business, and less time doing the business. You will probably waste more time in preliminary meetings, phone calls and writing proposals - with a lower conversion rate of success, and a lower fee even if you do get the job.

People don't buy experts on cost.

On the other hand, if you are a recognised expert - and especially if you are the recognised expert - it's far easier for you to sell your products and services. If you require a heart transplant, you don't say "Get me the cheapest heart surgeon!"

Being an expert also puts you in a different position in your client's mind. An expert is a trusted adviser who helps the client to make a buying decision, not a slick salesperson pushing a product.

Build your expertise.

There are, of course, a number of ways to demonstrate your expertise. Our Fast Forward Web site package includes many ways to do so on your Web site, including:

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