Your Domain Name

Your domain name is an important part of your Web site.

For information experts, the trend in the market is to have your own name as a .com domain name - e.g.,,

If you don't already have your domain name, we recommend you register it as soon as possible!

If you're in Australia, we recommend you use Crazy Domains, which is a local domain name registrar (but they allow you to register international domains such as .com, .net and .org as well).

Crazy Domains is very reasonably-priced. It also has two optional extras which we will ask you to get (also both reasonably priced):

  • DNS Services: So we can reassign your domain name to point to your new Web site. Not all domain registrars allow this!
  • Email Hosting: Setting up e-mail addresses at your domain.

If you have already registered a domain name ...

If you've used some other registrar for your domain name, we might be able to use it at that registrar. We'll look into this when we start the project, and advise you if we think you should move it to Crazy Domains.

If worse comes to worst, we can show you how to use an intermediate hosting solution to make this easier. It's an additional US$6/month, but sometimes it's the easiest option.

Additional domain names

If you wish, you can have more than one domain name pointing to your Web site. There's no additional charge for this service (except the cost of registering the additional domain names).

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