Event Bookings

If you conduct events, you can use your Web site to promote them and take bookings. This can be used for public or private events, and for free or paid events.


The World Customs Organization uses this for conference bookings:

Gihan Perera uses this to take workshop bookings:

Gihan also uses this for small group sessions, which nominally have a fee but are free to members who enter the correct "discount code":

How does it work?

We link your Web site to the highly-reliable Eventbrite service for taking registrations. There is no set-up fee, and they only charge a small commission per ticket. In fact, there is no charge at all for free events.

Attendees pay by credit card through PayPal, and the money sits in your PayPal account. You can transfer it from there into your bank account at any time.

On your Web site, you simply add a Register Now button on the relevant pages:

Some of the other features:

  • Add an unlimited number of events, so you can promote events far in the future if you choose.
  • Add, delete and change events at any time, so you can make changes immediately and at no further cost.
  • Create recurring events (for example, monthly meetings).
  • Show a Google Map to the event, to make it easier for people to find.
  • Make your events private, or public but password-protected, if you wish.
  • Allow others to promote your events as "affiliates", so they get a commission (of your choice) on each sale.
  • Create different types of tickets (for example, Members, non-members, students), with different prices.
  • Set expiry dates on ticket types, so you can create "early bird" pricing if you wish.
  • Create discount codes, so you can offer special pricing - even complimentary tickets - to selected people.

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