Are You Disappointed With the Sales On Your Web Site?

If so, your low sales might be due to the wrong focus in your marketing efforts.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you've got the wrong target market. In fact, as a speaker, trainer, coach or consultant, you probably know your target market very well.

But do you understand your RELATIONSHIP with that market?

Broadly, your Web site visitors fall into three categories:

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The top group, whom I call "friends", are your customers - that is, people who have paid you in the past for your products and services.

At the bottom are "strangers" - those who have never heard of you before. They may have found you through a search engine, by reading an article on another Web site, by finding your Web address in a newspaper, or by some other means.

The "neighbours" are those who have heard about you but are yet to become customers. They might be, for example, the people on your free e-mail newsletter mailing list.

Market differently to each group.

Of these three groups, which is the largest? Well it's most likely to be strangers, of course. And that's why many Web site owners spend all their efforts on attracting them to their Web site - mainly by trying to get traffic from search engines such as Google.

However, the catch is that they are also the most difficult market to convert into customers. They don't know you, like you or trust you - yet. So it takes a much more concerted sales effort to convince them to buy from you.

On the other hand, the easiest to convince are your existing customers - your "friends". People who have bought from you in the past are much more likely to buy from you again. Even if it's the smallest of the three groups, it might be far more responsive - and hence far more profitable.

Most Web site owners make the mistake of too much "stranger marketing" and not enough "friend marketing". Focus on your customers, and you might discover a gold mine of profits waiting for you.

Move them up the hierarchy.

One effective way to market to strangers is to make a "softer" offer than a direct sale. In other words, instead of pushing your products or services directly at them immediately, start by offering something else, like an e-book, an article, a special report, a free sample, or some other gift.

By doing this, you start the relationship with them, turn them into a "neighbour", and eventually convince them to buy from you so they become "friends".

Use our Fast Forward package.

Our Fast Forward Web site package helps you to build your relationship with your Web site visitors in a number of ways:

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