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For years, I've been working with some of the world's best information experts to help them accelerate their business growth by using the Internet and by creating information products. With clients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Canada and South Africa, I have lots of experience on what works on and off the Internet.

And now you can tap into this experience.

I'm sharing my best, most jealously-guarded secrets from eight years of experience with over 100 Web sites.

My e-mail newsletter Expert Gold: Leverage Nuggets for Information Experts will give you great ideas for your business. Every week or two, I'll send you a business-building idea from my own business or that I've used with my clients.

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"Your newsletters are outstanding. I get a fair number of different newsletters, and unlike almost all of them I actually look forward to yours."
--- Jeff Haden

"You are awesome! I love your style, your mind, your big A attitude! I love being on your email list."
--- Maxine Rennie

"Many thanx for your terrific email newsletters. Yours are the only email newsletters I always read straight away cos they contain great money-making ideas and are quick n'easy to read."
--- Michael Grose

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your latest newsletter and the concept of the free rights give away is brilliant. You always manage to come up with great concepts - well thought out and they work."
--- Peter Thorpe

"I am very impressed by your material and the the catchy layout of and inclusions of your site and newsletter. I like the little extras that catch the eye and are different. Excellent work! Keep them coming my way."
--- Dean Bleasdale

"I look forward to receiving these from you. You are incredibly knowledgeable. Thank you."
--- Louise Griffith

"I would just like to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletters and how useful I find them. They are brief and to the point (not time wasters), the links are very useful and informative, and you are not constantly "in my face" with products. You have gained my trust - unlike many others promoting, - no 'demanding attention' - on the Internet."
--- Liz Ashley

"Thank you Gihan for keeping me informed and primed with ideas to build and improve my business. I get a lot of confidence getting help from someone who understands the challenges and needs of a small business."
--- Evelyn Shams

"I find your newsletter short and sweet and easy to read. It is the only one I currently take the time to read."
--- Heather Porter

"I subscribe to your newsletter and read it every week. As I am planning to improve my website I find the information in your newsletter is very helpful. It is full of useful tips and information that I know will make it possible for me to turn my website into a vibrant and dynamic site that will immediately attract visitors into clients. Thank you."
--- Anne Morton

"Hi Gihan Your knowledge of internet and website marketing is invaluable. Every email and newsletter you send out has something of value in it for me. "
--- Jenny Cartwright

"After 3 years it is the ONLY e-mail newsletter that I ALWAYS read and save every copy. It virtually always has something that is directly of value to me, whether it is a free give-away or an e-book packed with practical tips. I have purchased from Gihan's website and the ease of purchasing, the money-back guarantee, the follow up e-mail and the usefulness of the materials have always made it a remarkably pleasant experience. I have recommended Gihan's newsletter to others - and again, this is not something I do lightly. Well done Gihan for the ongoing value you provide to me and other readers and the longevity of your newsletter."
--- Bronwen Campbell

"I have been receiving Gihan's e mail newsletter for a while now and have found it full of handy tips and a quick read."
--- Chris Bennett

"I enjoy Gihan's newsletter because it's always full of meaningful information written in language that even I can understand."
--- John Oliver

"I have found the information that you provide to be of incalculable value to my business. I read the e-books that I download with pleasure - the advice and knowledge which they contain are always useful and have assisted me to help my clients. Thank you for your generosity!"
--- Leigh Verrill-Rhys

"I really appreciate the practical advice and warm personal style of this newletter."
--- Jeannie Fennell

"I can get many Newsletters, there is only a limited time to read so they get trashed. Your one is the only useful one I receive and read. Keep it up and thanks for well written Newsletter."
--- Dan Perera

"Only a small percentage of Internet Marketers offer anything of real value and very few of those are prepared to provide useful information free to their subsribers. You are part of the 3% who do. I am excited to discover someone who is prepared to provide something of value that showcases their knowledge and talent so we can see their value before we invest our money with them. Thank you Gihan."
--- David Gilbert

"I have found Gihan's newsletter to be invaluable. As a real estate trainer and sometime speaker, his tips have been of real assistance to me in my business. I can heartily recommend First Step Communications to anyone who uses a website to market their business."
--- Bob Ward

"Gihan, you're always challenging the way I think about getting stuff done. Your newsletter continually inspires me to change. One of the few newsletters I keep subscribing to. Thanks."
--- David Crick

"Love your newslettedr. You make the difficult easy."
--- Elaine Fosler

"I look forward to recieving your newsletter which keeps me up to date with technolgy changes and provides new ides for marketing and promoting my coaching practice. "
--- michael rudd

"Volume and Value. As a professional receiving many emails and newsletters I have become VERY selective in what I now read. I continue to read Gihan's Newsletter as it continues to offer the best value to me. Well researched, laid out and enormously valuable content. Simple to read, understand and apply it provides GREAT ADVICE for any professional. I have learned and grown tremendously in recent years from Gihan's truly is pure GOLD!!"
--- Gary Summers

"The newsletter always has something that not only teaches me new things about the internet and marketing, it helps me feel better about myself and where I am in my life."
--- Jennifer Ritter

"I have been led into a new world which offers me great opportunities. I have already been approached to assist in the marketing and implementation of an 'internet/book writing business' and the hints and tips from Gihan will be put to great use! Thanks again."
--- Merran Dobson

"I find your newsletter helpful in my small business. the ideas you present are simple and easy to implement."
--- audrey pihulyk

"As a student of business and marketing it is rare to find concise and relevant information as received from Gihan Perana. It has helped me immensely."

"Newsletter is always informative with no sales pressure - what a change! "
--- Liz Ashley

"Gihan's enewsletter is straight to the point - he hits on a relevant topic and drills deep to give us all the information that we need to move forward."
--- Sean Elliott

"Great site! Easy to read. Clear, helpful information. You also give away something for free as well as your other items. I appreciated this and it helped me to trust the information I would get later."
--- Jenny Holiday

"Hi Gihan, I receive many e-newsletters from an amazing array of internet gurus, and yours is the one I like the best. I read it every time, and often copy it and save it in a word document to re-read later. You have so many practical and simple tips, and amazing special offers. Thank you for all the help you provide."
--- Joan Small

"Short, to the point and filled with useful tips. Not the same info dredged up by each marketer. Also, thanks for not just stuffing other people's products down my throat. Layout is great, easy to read."
--- Samantha McMaster

"Great newsletter - lots of really useful tips - I look forward to receiving it each week!"
--- Suzanne Davidson

"I find your newsletter really informative on many things. It is pleasing to the eye. Not over-crowded, and easy to read. I look forward to reading it all the time. "
--- Annette Bieber

"Excellent newsletter, alway full of practical tips and suggestions. Love that it is short and to the point unlike so many of the others."
--- Craig Chitty

"I appreciate the amazing amount of detail you put into your newsletter. I think your ideas have a very practical emphasis."
--- Helen O'Toole

"Gihan's newsletter is a 'must-read' for me - and I can't say that about too many ezines I receive! It's short, sharp, to the point - and the ideas it has given me more than make up for the time I spend reading it! Thanks Gihan"
--- kenny Harris

"Most newsletters do not sustain their early promise - yours has! i look forward to it and always learn something new."
--- Julie Ferguson

"Thank you, Gihan, for some inspiring input and easy, practical ways to use the Internet for better results. I look forward to receiving your useful Email Tips and Newsletters. Hope 2007 is an exceptionally successful year for you in all aspects of your life."
--- Asoki Jayawardhana

"I have subscribed to Gehan Perera's newsletter for the past two years and I have found it very interesting and helpful. If you are in your own business you will definately find it very useful."
--- Jay Mistry

"Thanks Gihan, I love getting your emails, just seeing how you position your information is a lesson in and of itself, all the rest is a bonus."
--- Bill Clennan

"I've been a subscriber to Gihan's newsletter for several years and bought some of his products. I'm already a lateral thinker. The greatest benefit I have received from his contribution has been the stimulation and the opening of my mind to other possibilities for the expansion of my business. "
--- Fay Helwig

"Hi Gihan Great newsletter. I think the format is quick and easy to read. In this fast paced world I do not have much time to read items unless I am really interested. Most newsletters I just scan for 30 seconds and if I am not interested I hit delete."
--- Trevor Scott

"High value newslettter ... I always read Gihan's info."
--- Kingsley

"What do you say about a guy who gives 100% in support of you making a success, building it from the ground up, being there when the world has either gone to sleep or buggered off to the next greatest idea? Worse still, some of them others will tell you you can't succeed! Gihan and his First Step Communications programs are the consistent support and encouragement you need!"
--- Bob Parker

"I have been receiving Gihan's newsletter for about 12 months now. It is one of the very few that I actually take the time to read. It is always PACKED with great business building ideas, that if you implement can make you alot of money, most of them being simple and inexpensive. Thanks Gihan, you are a genius, keep them coming."
--- Shelagh McNamara

"Gihan is living proof of the philosophy I share with audiences that 'Passionate People Produce': Gihan is passionate, and he produces great products, ideas, and services. I happily recommend him to others!"
--- Charles Kovess

"I love Gihan! His Expert Gold newsletters are always a treat to open. His easy writing style and gentle sense of humour combined with up-to-the-minutes content make this E newsletter a must for me. I also find Gihan an inspiration and have used some of his ideas to great effect with people on my own data base. The products I have purchased have been very useful and Gihan seems to give so much for nothing I wonder if he makes any money! Thanks Gihan "
--- Stephanie Philp

"Gihan is always clear, concise and generous with his information. I always read his emails and newsletters. His tips are great reminders of how to continue building my business and keep up with the latest email trends."
--- Anne McCullagh Rennie

"Good consistent information, you will enjoy this newsletter."
--- Muir Richard

"Great newsletter Gihan, always something to challenge and keep me thinking 'OK Where to next'. Keep up the good work! "
--- Allison Davidson

"Gihan, Your level of ideas and the depth of your marketing strategies always amaze me. Your e-zine is the only one I actually read as soon as I get it. Keep up the great work."
--- Michael Tunnecliffe

"I read Gihan's newsletters and find them very informative. His e-newsletter is a good example of a practical communication. The information he provides is useful and to the point, and not too long. "
--- Isabella Adams

"Gihan is well known for always delivering more value than is expected, which is only one reason I always read his e-mails, newsletters and e-books!"
--- John Baikie

"I look forward to receiving the "Expert Gold" newsletter. It is full of great ideas and positive methods to get things done."
--- Sharon Fletcher

"Gihan you are a master at leveraging ideas and turning them into income streams. I really enjoy your down to earth, easy to read and no nonsense appproach which follows throughout your books, audio products and newsletters. I would highly reccommend you to anyone!"
--- Keith Banfield

"Hi Gihan I always look forward to your newsletter. I value your knowledge and experience and feel you are an honest person."
--- Andrew Smith

"Gihan's enewsletters are ones I always open and read. They are brief but pack in information, ideas or challenges. He explains technological aspects in a way that is easy to understand."
--- Trisha Carter

"Hi Gihan, Thanks for the great newsletter. I look forward to receiving each and every one of them. You have always provided value added information. Well done!"
--- Barbara Herbert

"Gihan, Since subscribing to your newletter some 12 months ago, I have been endlessly impressed by the quality of the ideas you present on a regular basis. It's very easy to read and just the right length. What outstanding value. Thank you"
--- Doug Callander

"I've had heaps of great ideas and tips from Gihan. Well worth being on his mailing list!!!!"
--- Anthony Zappia

"Some time ago, in a frenzy of enthusiasm after reading some article on email time-management, I unsubscribed from every single e-newsletter that I was subscribed to ... except one. The lone one I've stayed subscribed to is Gihan Perera's - always full of useful information, insightful, intelligent, well-written (with a drop of humour) and I'm always impressed at the generosity he shows with his expertise. Incredibly, I don't even work in the industry any more, but I still enjoy his newsletters and often forward them on to friends and former colleagues who would find them useful."
--- Kate Booker

"Hello Gihan, I find that your newsletters and the information presented show a generosity uncommon in todays marketplace. With loads of free information it makes for a refreshing read every time it comes into my inbox."
--- David Barnard

"Thank you Gihan for sharing your knowledge and for being willing to give it away. It is great to be able to learn so much fron the guru of internet marketing."
--- Mary King

"I always find your articles of interest and good value Gihan - but then everything I've learnt from you has been good value."
--- Kathie Thomas

"Gihan I met you 2 years ago in the U.K. Since then I have become an avid reader of your newsletter and regularly promote it on my blog. Your ideas and tips are simple, practical and very valuable."
--- Will Kintish

"I've not been subscribing long but am already picking up useful nuggets!"
--- Robin Evans

"I love the practical tips I receive from the newsletter. You make it all look so easy, and then I realize that I can do this also...."
--- Moshe Davidow

"Thank you for a superb newsletter! I started my own small business from home a year ago and I really look forward to receiving my weekly "fix". I find it so inspirational and they keep me motivated to keep at it! The ideas are great and work well when implemented. Thanks Gihan, you're a star!"
--- Joelene dell'Erba

--- Frank Peters

"Expert's Gold is one of the few newsletters I read from start to finish, keep up the good work"
--- Iain Legg

"Everything you put your hand to Gihan, turns up GOLD! Your newsletter and information is immediately useful. Easy to read, with tips that really work, I look forward to your concise, richly informative and entertaining newsletter."
--- Leonie McMahon

"I'm impressed with your progressive ideas that are easy to implement. "
--- Elizabeth Richardson

"Generous with his information and ideas to a fault."
--- Joshua Curtis

"Gihan's newsletter is simple and informative. He cuts out all the time wasting waffle and gets to the point with useful ideas. Keep up the great work Gihan :-)"

"Gihan adds great value to everything he is involved with."
--- Chris Hodson

"Love your clear way of putting complex ideas in your newsletters and the very simple but powerful ideas you introduce each week. Thanks"
--- Janet Beckers

"I love your work. Your a great marketer."
--- Luke Hayes

"Gihan's newsletter always has the most amazing value add's. He definitely practices what he preaches when he says to give your clients as much value as possible."
--- chris males

"Gihan's newsletter has a wealth of useful tips on a wide range of topics. It is very valuable to a small business."
--- Chris Whitecross

"As a Life Coach, I receive many Newsletters, and MANY MANY American/Pushy emails encouraging me to spend big $s to learn "10 SECRETS of this and that". Your Newsletter is non-pushy, doesn't talk down to me and is often very Useful. Thank you for being there for us all."
--- Susie Ascott

"I always read your Nuggets of Gold. They are the most relevant tips I receive on e-mail."
--- Ian Rheeder

"Gihan's e-newsletters and ideas are the best of any that i receive, his non-confrontational manner and practical ideas must benefit any business."
--- Graeme Cook

"Gihan's newsletters are fantastic. I read every one and always learn something new. They are a must read for me."
--- bernie schwerdt

"I get lots of newsletters, I don't read many, but I never miss reading Gihan's Expert's Gold. I recommend it to everyone who is thinking of launching a newsletter as a prime example of what a really good newsletter should be like."
--- Lesley Morrissey

"I like your newsletter. You offer pertinent tips and timely messages, even good for a "non-traditional" marketer like me - a book author."
--- Linore Burkard

"Thanks for your wonderful newsletters Gihan, they are informative and useful as i try to understand the world of websites and making money through the net."
--- Steve Jack

"Your refreshing thoughts and viewpoints often give me new angles to approach my work. Thanks for your ongoing fresh thinking!"
--- Bruce Wadd

"Gihan's newsletter is ALWAYS full of sound practical advice. It's one of the very few that I actually look forward to and always read. "
--- Lesley Morrissey

"I find you newsletters consistently upbeat and readable. Thank you, Gihan."
--- Keith Wells

"I always look forward to receiving your newsletter - as your content is very good. i subscribe to a few newsletters and find that yours is one of the best I have seen - it is easy to read, to the point and has great ideas on building a speaking business. Well done!"
--- Michael Licenblat

"Gihan's newsletter always contains valuable and practical tips to help individuals who have a message to sell. It's one of the newsletters I always read and take in. Gihan also practices what he preaches to I get to see his recommendations in action. Thanks Gihan"
--- David Beard

"Gihan is one of the few practitioners that send email newsletters who actually provides something of value."
--- Helen Coyne

"This past year I've turned the corner in my quest to be a bit more techno-savvy, thanks to you and your tips throughout the year Gihan. I'm looking forward to moving further along the IT path with your help and support next year. "
--- Phillipa Challis

"I really appreciate the many golden nuggets in your regular newsletter. Although I have not yet implemented all, I could see how they can contribute to business growth. Thanks a mil for your Christmas gifts."
--- Veronica Broomes

"Hi Gihan, Thanks again for a great Newsletter - I really do enjoy the valuable information. In trying to understand what really works in Internet Marketing, your tips are invaluable. I am looking forward to the future in 2007 to realise on the information you send."
--- Brian Cameron-Smith

"Hi Gihan, I've just downloaded "The Seven Fatal Mistakes..etc" and I'm impressed with the wealth of useful information freely provide. I look forward to our continued communication."
--- Mike Welton

"Hi Gihan, I enjoy all your newsletters and your wealth of products and good ideas."
--- Joan Small

"Gihan doesn't just provide information - he provides VALUE. If you're looking for help growing (or even starting) your business, you've come to the right place."
--- Jeff Haden

"Gihan is probably one of the top thinkers and practical implementors in the internet field. Even half-way around the world I look forward to receiving his practical insights into the wonderful wordl of the web. Top class stuff Gihan ..thanks!"
--- Seán Weafer

"I've now received a few copies of the Expert's Gold newsletter and would like to say how much I look forward to receiving them. The material is always useful and concisely presented, so it's easy to digest. Keep up the good work."
--- Leigh Wallinger

"Gihan's newsletter ALWAYS has nuggets of gold in it! I am constantly forwarding to clients, friends, speaking associates and anyone else who asks me what a good newsletter looks like. It demonstrates that value is not dry and lengthy, but is short enough to read quickly and every word works for its place. Keep it coming - I have learned so much and keep learning!"
--- Lesley Morrissey

"First Step Communications Newsletter has been, without a doubt, the most practical, up-to-date reading material for me. It turns the abstract world of internet marketing into understandable chunks of wonderful information. With the myriad of reading material on the web, it is easy to become overloaded with unmanageable information. This newsletter, by far, is one to be subscribed to, saved, and referenced over and over again!"
--- Diane Allen

"This newsletter has provided me with several valuable insights into the field of Internet marketing as well as client relations and repeat business. The reading material that is just given away here is very valuable. Thanks Gihan"
--- John Rupp

"Dear Gihan, I really appreciate your ability to find resources that are useful to me from the multitude of stuff that is available on the internet."
--- Pat Naughtin

"Hi Gihan, I live in SOuth Africa and get you newsletters regularly. I enjoy your easy writing style and the valuable tips that us webmasters can learn from."
--- francois muscat

"The newsletter is very informatiove and I look forward to receiving it."
--- Jonathan Nelson

"Thank you Gihan, Your newsletter is fantastic - always full of good ideas and practical ones at that. I plan to make use of the summer break to review my website and implemment some of those ideas."
--- Jennifer McCoy

"Here at Executive Wisdom Consulting Group we look forward to reading "Expert Gold" each week to find that next nugget that will allow us to take our internet marketing from good to great. Being a management consulting firm, our marketing relies upon relationships, referrals, and recommendations. So to increase awareness of what our business does requires excellent internet strategies. We always find new business ideas in "Expert Gold.""
--- Ric Willmot

"Very insightful! I look forward to seeing what you come up with each week to see if we can adopt a similar approach."
--- Trevor O'Sullivan

"Hi Gihan Great newsletter. I look forward to reading it each week. It is quick and to the point, but very informative."
--- Trevor Scott

"Gihan, I always enjoy your newsletters. They have very worthwhile information and I've implemented many of your suggestions and ideas for myself. And I enjoy seeing the occasional mention of people I know when you report on something someone has been doing - it helps confirm I'm mixing in the right circles! Thank you very much."
--- Kathie Thomas

"Good! Goood! Gooood!"
--- Piotr Obminski

"Always informative and up to date"
--- Jason Cho

"i have found Gihans technology newsletters invalueble in giving tips and advice regarding promoting myself on the internet. I am a relative novice with technology and Gihan has been able to clear the clutter and enable me to navigate the new technology skills needed to survive today. I especially found the how to create e-books and multi media products fantastic."
--- Steve Jack

"I have received the newsletter for a number of years and still find them full of information."
--- Michael Burgess

"I have found the information on your newsletter valuable reading and I particuarly like the fact that it is brief and to the point."
--- Bruce Esterman

"Dear Gehen, You newsletters are vey interesting and your passion comes through in every one of them. And all this without you being "pushy" at all. And this is what I like about your services! They give me so much insight into e-business / e-services and inspiration to start one soon. Thank you for your gifts."
--- Jyo Aadarsh

"Gihan I have been gratefully receiving your newsletter for the last couple of months now - and each one is full packed of simple and effective ideas that can be implemented immediately. I am currently building a web page and information base and will be launching early 2007. Thanks for your information to date."
--- David Caruso

"Gihan is one of the most amazing givers I have ever met. He gives so much information and knowledge and it is of enormous value. His newsletter helps me every month take the next step forward in my business. Thanks Gihan."
--- Maggie Dent

"Gihan's newsletters are always a source of straight forward, common sense information that is real, has purpose & works."
--- Scott McLean-Lopes

"Gihan, You publish a great newsletter. Every issue has useful content and it is formatted in a clear, readable style."
--- justus lewis

"The newsletter is informative and provides valuable information to people just starting to market on the Internet."
--- Mary Emery

"Gihan always gives real business-building value, not sales pitches. "
--- Brian Cassingena

"Thanks Gihan for such a practical and valuable newsletter. Yours is one of the few e-newsletters that I file so that I can refer to back copies when I need relevant and useful information."
--- Janet Beckers

"Dear Gihan I get many newsletters and obviously time limits me to just scanning most of them with the occasional item that stops me in my tracks. In your case I read every newsletter you send and have been known to make the occasional purchase or accept a freebie offered. That speaks volumes for the fact that you produce worthwhile ideas, walk your talk, show your humanity (even acknowledging the odd mistake!) and talk to me personally."
--- Peter Nicholls

"Gihan's newsletter is the one I always stop and read. It is so full of information I can use. After hearing him speak, I conducted a survey and wrote my first ebook, using the template supplied by Gihan. Following Gihan's advice I give this ebook away as an incentive with purchased products. I have also written two articles that I give away (using a tag on my email signature). Since employing these techniques, I've noticed a "viral" effect. People forward good free stuff to their colleagues who contact me to subscribe! I am inspired and delighted with Gihan's generous willingness to share information that helps me build my business."
--- Ann Rolfe

"A fresh approach, no nonsense, clear, informative and usable newsletter."
--- Dries Coetzer

"Hi Gihan, I think your newsletter is great! It's extremely informative and I hope to be able to put some of what I've learnt into practice one day. At the moment I'm trying to accumulate as much learning material as I can concerning the Internet and your newsletter has been a great addition to this. Thanks very much and hope to see more great articles next year! Merry Christmas to you and yours! Miguel Bento"
--- Miguel Bento

"Good, very good!"
--- Wilson Marville

"Unlike other e-newsletters I subscribe to, yours is the one I always make the time to read. I know you won't waste my time 'beating about the bush' and I always take away at least one good tip that I can start implementing straight away. Thanks to you I keep focused on what I should be doing to run an internet business. Everything you recommend is down-to-earth and practical - always first things first - and you blow away the hype!"
--- Deborah Swallow

"I like Gihan's style, he give lots of useful and practical information; no wild exaggerated claims. His e-book, 'How to write and sell e-books' helped me set up my e-books. I'm unsubscribing from many of the newsletters I receive but not Gihan's. "
--- Alan Fairweather

"Yours is the single most valuable newsletter I receive. It is chock full of usable tips, techniques and opinions that I can use right away to increase the value of my website to my clients. When I see it in my inbox, it's the first thing I open. Thank you."
--- Ross Mackay

"Thanks for producing a great newsletter Gihan. It is always full of easy to implement, practial, business oriented tips that have, over the months made a different to my businss income."
--- Paul Browning

"I found the articular on Top 10 Concepts a real eye opener. I am still conducting research on ebiz and I found these concepts very helpful. Thank you and Merry Christmas."
--- Richard McLeod

"With so little time for reading, I find that I consistently read this newsletter more often than any of the others I receive. That's because it offers valuable information in a format that is easy to access. Thank you!"
--- Penelope Salinger

"I was impressed with the information - useful information - in your newsletter. This is definitely one I will keep subscribing to."
--- Kate Lickey

"I sign up to many newsletters and unsubscribe just as quick. However I always read every word in every newsletter of yours. Keep up the great work "
--- Iain Legg

"I find this newsletter informative, topical and always worth reading."
--- Trevor Simpson

"I find the newsletter friendly, informative and always expect to learn something new with each issue."
--- Dave Lee

"The newsletter is a great read - and a great thing to save to refer to later...!"
--- Russell Holland

"I am always pleased when Gihan's newsletter arrives in my inbox. Instead of thinking, "Oh, not another newsletter" - I actually look forward to reading his straight-to-the-point and valuable comments. I love his style of writing, and the fact that the newsletter is short but sweet. "
--- Lisa Taliga

"The newsletter is always short and to the point which is great for busy people and the tips are always useful."
--- Melissa Norfolk

"Gihan's newsletter has always at least ONE idea that can be used in a business. His advice is worth its weight in $$$$. Gihan is one of the very few people in the crowded "noise" in cyberspace. "
--- Philip Wagner

"A year has gone by since I started receiving your e-newsletter - one of many I signed up for. only two of 12 made the cut. Yours is one. Why? Practical solutions, timely reminders, and tips that work...!! Many thanks."
--- Julie Ferguson

"His newsletter is one of the best that I have subcribed to."
--- Michael Ward

"Gihan's newsletter is excellent for those persons just starting out and who require information on Internet sales and marketing. The advice he gives really helps you understand what is necessary when starting a web based business."
--- Ken Mackenzie

"Of all the e newsletters I receive, the ones from Gihan are the ones I actually read! Simple information that makes sense and is a good tool for making my dreams a reality."
--- Caroline Hamilton

"Thank you Gihan for providing such precise yet simplified website marketing information. I find your delivery style to be very user friendly and you always add value which is a huge bonus and something that is quite rare. Thank you for your inspiration."
--- Andrew McCombe

"I have been subscribing to Gihan's newsletter for a short while now. I find them exceptionally useful. The advice he imparts is simple and easy to implement. He is also very good at stimulating thinking with his discussions. I will continue to subscribe to his newsletter which is now one of only 11 that I subscribe to from across the world (I am responsible for a lot of the R&D within my consulting organisation). Top stuff Gihan. Please keep it up."
--- Sonny Navaratnam

"Often I skim through my email newsletters and if I can't afford the time I don't read them, but with Expert Gold I always read it just in case I miss out on some great advice or free offer. I find so many interesting resources through this newsletter, stuff that I would never have found otherwise. Thanks Gihan"
--- Allison Davidson

"I find the newsletter provides useful information that can be applied immediately as it relates to real situations."
--- Graeme Lee

"I read Gihan's newsletters and find them very informative. His e-newsletter is a good example of a practical communication. The information he provides is useful and to the point, and not too long. "
--- Isabella Adams

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    Phone 02 8005 5746 within Australia, +61 2 8005 5746 from outside Australia

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