Secure Payment System

If you're planning to sell products directly from your Web site, you almost certainly must have a secure ordering system.

You might start with a plain order form for customers to print and fax to you, but you won't get many sales that way. If you're serious about taking orders on-line, a secure ordering system is a must.

We connect your Web site with PayPal, which is an internationally-recognised payment system.


Ease of use for customers:

  • It is secure, so customers can be assured that their credit card details are protected as they are sent from their browser. In fact, you never see their credit card details, because they are processed entirely by PayPal.
  • It has a "shopping cart", so that customers can browse your site and collect products from various pages. In fact, they can even visit other Web sites and come back without losing the contents of their shopping cart!
  • You can also create individual order forms for products, for times when you would like to sell just one product instead of giving them a full shopping cart.
  • You can also set up recurring payments - for example, monthly payments for a membership site - so the money keeps coming out of their account regularly without your intervention.
  • The ordering process is straightforward, without requiring customers to "log in" or "sign up"!

Wide range of products:

  • Create an unlimited number of products, so that you can keep expanding your product range.
  • Sell electronic products, such as e-books, software and other downloadable products. After the order is complete, the customer can download their electronic products immediately.
  • Sell products in different currencies if you wish.


  • Log in to PayPal to check transactions, search for certain orders, and issue refunds.
  • Export your orders from PayPal into, say, Microsoft Excel, for further processing on your own computer.
  • Transfer money from your PayPal account into your own bank account at any time, and without incurring a fee.

How does it work?

When somebody comes to your Web site, they go to a page promoting one of your products - for example:

  • Strong benefit-oriented headline
  • Description of the product
  • Benefits of using it
  • Photographs of the product
  • Photographs of people using the product
  • Testimonial comments from other customers
  • Price
  • Bonuses for ordering by a certain date
  • Money-back guarantee

If this is a single product that's not related to other products on your site, you might have an "Order Now" button that takes them directly to an order form.

Alternatively, if you would like them to look for other products as well, you use an "Add to Cart" button, which adds it to their shopping cart.

When they are ready to pay, the customer is transferred to PayPal to make the payment using their secure server.

If their order includes downloadable products, such as e-books or software, it also automatically includes instructions for them to download these to their computer.

This step also sends you, the Web site owner, the details of their order for further processing (for example, for you to ship the product to the customer).

As you can see, the process is easy to follow and doesn't have any unnecessary steps like forcing the customer to "register" before making a purchase. It makes sense every step of the way, just like it does in the supermarket when the customer wheels their shopping cart to the checkout.

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