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When you first develop your Web site, we recommend that you focus on high-quality content rather than spending a lot of time, money and energy on search engine marketing.

However, the Web host we use does create your pages in a way that makes them most accessible to search engines. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll appear near the top! But it does mean that when you put the effort into search engine marketing, your efforts won't be wasted.

To help you get started ...

If you do want to look into search engine marketing, we provide this overview program Search Engine Marketing Secrets - available either as a webinar or an audio program - with search engine marketing expert Ed Keay-Smith.

This will help you understand the main principles behind search engine marketing, including the common myths about what you need to do to get a high position. For example, some people think it's all about the words on your page, but in fact research shows this accounts for less than 30% of your ranking.

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