Support for the First Step Software

If you're using the First Step software for your Web site, we can help you in a number of ways.

On-line Documentation

Help Desk

We provide a Help Desk service to assist you when you get stuck with the software, user guides or other on-line documentation. We won't actually do the work for you, and won't "hold your hand" while you're doing it. But we'll do our best to assist you with getting "unstuck".

IMPORTANT: If you're paying a monthly licence fee for the First Step software, this Help Desk service is free. Otherwise, it's charged at our Standard Support rate (below).

You can call 02 8006 2481 within Australia (or +61 2 8006 2481 from outside Australia), or e-mail .

Find out more about the Help Desk here.

Web Hosts

If you have trouble accessing your site (for example, the site doesn't appear at all), please contact the Web host directly - they will be able to give you the quickest response.

Our main Web host is ICDHost, who have a 24/7 support site at

Other Web hosts we've used in the past include:

Web Site Support

If you'd like us to do occasional work for you, we offer this service at an hourly rate.

This service is provided by Rae Stanton at Accurate Expressions, who also runs our First Step Help Desk. So you can contact Rae using the normal Help Desk number: Call 02 8006 2481 within Australia (or +61 2 8006 2481 from outside Australia), or e-mail .

We offer two levels of support:

  • Standard Support, for a response within two working days and doing the work within five working days: $90 + GST per hour
  • Express Support, for a response within one working day and doing the work within two working days: $180 + GST per hour

For work that Rae is unable to do - such as specific design work and programming - we will contact you to discuss the requirements. If we charge this hourly, it's at $150 + GST per hour for Standard support and $300 + GST per hour for Express.


We generally include some telephone training sessions when we first build your Web site. If you would like additional sessions, you can arrange them with our Help Desk.

Using Your Own Support Staff

If you have your own support staff, you probably want them to learn enough of our system to update your Web site for you. You're welcome to do this, and in fact we encourage it because we'd like you to be as self-sufficient as possible.

If they haven't already done the initial training when you launched the site, we recommend they do 2 hours of training. See the Training page for details.

If you don't already have somebody to help, but you'd like to find somebody, then again we're more than happy for you to do that. You could start by checking out our list of recommended associates.

Or, if you're looking more widely, we think what you need is a competent virtual assistant. They don't need specific Web site knowledge, just reasonable computer competence. HTML coding could be an optional, but not essential, requirement. Our experience with clients suggests it's not required for 85-90% of the typical work they do, so don't insist on it because you'll probably eliminate some candidates who would otherwise be ideal for you.

Ask Other Clients

Finally, if you'd like advice from your peers, tap into the expertise of the eGurus Community to ask other clients for their ideas, suggestions, hints and tips for making the most of your Web site.

If you're paying a monthly licence for the First Step software, membership of the eGurus Community is included at no additional cost.

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