Supporting Squarespace Clients

This page applies if your site is being hosted with Squarespace.

On-line Documentation

  • The Squarespace Manual
  • After you log in, you can also raise a support ticket to ask Squarespace staff directly

Help Desk

If you would like additional on-going help from us after we launch your site, we recommend Rae Stanton at Accurate Expressions. Rae can provide a Help Desk service for you, to help you get familiar with your site and provide an initial point of contact.

She will help you identify the source of the problem, and either give you the solution (if she knows it) or refer you to Squarespace, MailChimp, PayPal or other providers when required.

This service is available at $55 per month, invoiced directly through Rae and her company. Alternatively, you can arrange with Rae to simply pay her on an as-needs basis for your support needs.

If you want somebody to actually do any support work for you, Rae also offers this service. Contact her for details.

If you have bought this service, or you would like to get it, you can call Rae at 02 8006 2481 within Australia (or +61 2 8006 2481 from outside Australia), or e-mail .

The eGurus Community

For the first three months after you launch your site, we also give you access to our eGurus Community, where you can access e-books, articles, regular webinars and consulting sessions with Gihan.

After that time, you can continue with your membership at $55 per month, if you choose.

First Step Communications Pty Ltd
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Help Desk / Support:
    Phone 02 8006 2481 within Australia, +61 2 8006 2481 from outside Australia
    Phone 02 8005 5746 within Australia, +61 2 8005 5746 from outside Australia

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