Getting Help for Third-Party Services

We don't provide technical support for third-party services (Blogger, Facebook, Outlook, MailChimp, GoToWebinar, etc.). If we have referred you to this page, it's probably because you have asked a question about one of these services.

Start by looking for a "Help", "Support" or "Contact Us" link on their Web site, and follow the instructions. When you do contact them, be clear about describing the exact problem you're having, what you expected to see, what you got instead, and any error messages. Make it as easy as possible for them to see and reproduce the problem at their end.

Another option is to search Google for what you want to know (e.g. how to embed youtube video), or even the exact error message (e.g. outlook error corrupt pst file), and you might find a forum where other people who have had the same problem and discovered a solution.

We do have some initial help here for the more common services our clients ask about. Click the icons below for more information.

ServiceOn-Line HelpUser ForumDirect ContactNotes
BloggerGoogle is notorious for not responding to direct requests for help, so you're much better off trying the other options first.
Eventbrite Phone support available 7 days a week, but U.S. time zones.
Facebook  Facebook deliberately makes it difficult for you to contact them directly. So don't expect any fast replies (or any at all!) from them if you do manage to fill in a contact form. If you can't find the answer in their on-line help, Google your question and you might find somebody else who has answered it.
GoToWebinar Citrix, the company that owns GoToWebinar, does a pretty good job helping both presenters and attendees.
As an attendee, if you're having trouble connecting to a webinar, you can contact Citrix using the information in the webinar reminders you receive.
They also have an Australian office, so you can get local help.
Hipcast Log in first to access the on-line help
MailChimpThey also offer phone support, but only Monday to Friday in U.S. time zones.
PayPal PayPal is so big and complex that it might take some time to find what you're looking for. Hang in there! They do also offer phone support if you get really stuck.
SquarespaceOpen a support ticketSquarespace is one company that does respond quickly to direct questions. So if you don't find the answer quickly, you can open a support ticket, which in effect is just like sending them an e-mail. You do this from your Squarespace account, in the Website Management area (on the right-hand side).

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