Training Sessions

When we build a full Web site for you, we include a one-hour webinar training session to assist you with using the site initially. Similarly, when you use our interactive plug-ins package, we include a one-hour webinar training session for this same purpose.


The training sessions above are included as part of your Web site package.

If you require additional training sessions for new material, or for bringing on new staff, you can book telephone training sessions with our team. These sessions are $135 + GST each. This is our standard support rate for 1.5 hours. It includes one hour for the training session itself, as well as 15 minutes on either side for us to do the preparation and review, respectively.


Please contact our Help Desk to schedule a training session at a mutually convenient date and time.

Choose a time where you will have access to the Internet (a broadband connection is recommended) and a telephone line.

A hands-free telephone is the best option, if you have it available, so that you can have both hands free for using the keyboard. Skype is fine if you wish.

How It Works

Before the session, we will send you an outline of the training session for you to print and use during the session. We will also ask you to log in to a few Web pages, to check that the passwords and other access are correct.

At the arranged time, we will call you for the session. We will take you through the most common tasks in the software.

After the session, we send you a checklist marking the items covered in the session.

What We Cover

We can cover any aspects of our Web site software - depending on what you want

Our standard two hours of training for new Web site clients typically covers the following areas (broadly):

  • Logging in to various areas
  • Adding, changing and deleting pages
  • Formatting (e.g. bold, italics, bullet lists, headings)
  • Adding pictures
  • Adding links to other pages or to other Web sites
  • Uploading documents
  • Web host support
  • Sending a newsletter
  • Using the shopping cart software
  • Adding events and taking bookings

We can cover that in two sessions, and we include a third session that you can keep up your sleeve to use in the future. This is useful for you to get additional training on specific things of your choice.


We don't record the training sessions ourselves. However, you are welcome to do so at your end if you wish.

If you don't have a recording facility available, we recommend you sign up with the teleconference service EC Teleconferencing. They provide a simple "pay as you go" service for telephone calls, which includes the option to record your sessions and get the recordings as MP3 files.

If you do plan to use this service, we recommend you register with them well before your session, and familiarise yourself with how their system works. In particular, if you'd like to record a session, you usually have to ask for this before the session.

Including other people

If somebody else will be managing your Web site for you, you might prefer to have that person do the training on your behalf. That's fine.

Alternatively, if you would like somebody else to listen in on the training, that's fine as well.

It's your responsibility to arrange for that to happen. You can do this using a conference call facility in your office, or by having them on speakerphone, or by using Telstra's three-way call facility (search for this at, or by using the EC Teleconferencing service mentioned above.

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