Transferring An Existing Site

We design Web sites for "information experts" - including professional speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants, authors, thought leaders and service professionals. If you're an information expert, we've worked with people just like you for over 15 years.

How It Works

We transfer your entire Web site across to use the system we use for building Web sites, so that you get all its benefits.

We're flexible in the way we work with you to make this happen. It depends on four things:

  1. Time: If you've got the time, you might be willing to do some of the work yourself (which saves you money).
  2. Money: On the other hand, you might prefer to pay us to do it for you, and focus on generating income in your core business.
  3. Expertise: You might have access to other people - such as a good graphic designer or a secretarial support person - who can assist with the transfer.
  4. Convenience: You might just prefer to leave it all with us, so you don't have to co-ordinate the process.

To help you decide what's right for you, here is a broad outline of the process:

  • We have an initial telephone consultation to map out the strategy and plan for transferring the site - including time scale, who's responsible for each activity, and activity milestones.
  • We convert the graphic design into a form that's suitable for our system, and install it on the new site. This can also be done by your own designer if you choose.
  • We transfer the site content (i.e. the Web pages) across to the new site. Again, this can be done by you or your support team if you wish.
  • When the new site is ready, we switch the domain name across to it, so it becomes live.

Your Investment

The price does vary, depending on your current Web site, what you'd like to change (if anything), and who will be doing the work. Broadly, it falls into these categories:

  • Consultation - $1,500 plus GST

    When you transfer the site to our system, you generally make some changes to it. So we start with a telephone consultation to plan your new on-line strategy.

    Note: If you want to transfer the site content exactly as is, we don't require this step, so this fee doesn't apply.

  • Plan and management - $900 plus GST

    This is for the software set-up, installation, testing, training, and the overall management process for transferring the Web site.

  • Graphic design

    If we use our in-house graphic designer, we will determine a fee, which varies depending on how much of the design we can re-use from the current site.

    If you use your own designer, there's no fee. We direct them to the Web host, who has instructions on creating design layouts.

  • Initial Web pages

    We will work with you to estimate the amount of work involved in transferring the existing Web pages across to our system. This varies for each site, depending on the complexity of the pages. For a typical page, the fee is about $40-50 per page.

    Again, you can choose to do this all yourself, in which case there's no fee. Or we can do some pages for you, and you can do the rest.

Other Options

Some people expect the cost of transferring a Web site to be lower. In fact, if you talk to other providers, many of them will quote you a lower price. This is usually because they don't give you a "content management system" - the software that allows you to update your site yourself. So they will typically transfer it for you, but you still have to go back to them every time you require a change. For some people, that's OK - but check with them when comparing prices.

These things can help lower the price for you:

  1. Using your own graphic designer to re-do the design.
  2. Transferring the page content yourself (or using your own support staff to do it).

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