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Blogs boost business. Most business Web sites are static and boring, so they turn people away. A well-written blog that complements your Web site can transform your on-line presence - giving you more ways of reaching out with your message, more credibility as an authority in your field, and more effective ways of supporting your existing customer base.

How can you use a blog?

A blog can help you in each of these three phases of your business:

  • Development: Survey the market before creating products; publish draft ideas for feedback; keep a private record of your ideas.
  • Distribution: Get more visitors to your Web site; promote products and services; establish credibility and demonstrate expertise.
  • Support: Answer frequently-asked questions; provide on-going training material; store electronic information for downloads.


Matt Church publishes the Thought Leaders blog at Most of the blog posts are simply copied from his regular newsletter:

Ian Berry publishes a blog So What's Next? at, with thoughts, insights, book reviews and other brief comments:

Matt Hern publishes The Financial Futurist at, with a mix of news commentary, thoughts, newsletter articles, surveys and more:

What's in our system

Your Web site includes a blog, so you don't need to create it separately. We'll set it up for you, and then you can start blogging immediately.

You also get a detailed e-book and audio program about blogging, covering these topics:

  • The Quick Start Guide to Blogging
  • What is a blog?
  • What's in a Blog?
  • Personal Benefits
  • Business Benefits
  • It's Just Like ...
  • Creating a Blog
  • Blog Settings
  • Changing the Look and Feel
  • Posting to Your Blog
  • Getting Web Pages Delivered To You
  • Adding Links
  • Adding Pictures

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